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HUE Sheer Pantyhose includes hue stockings & fashion hosiery. From backseam panty hose to patterned sheer, HUE hosiery is available in a range of shades.

Fashion Sheer

HUE hosiery is a fashionable, flattering way to get sheer pantyhose coverage while staying stylish.

So Sexy Sheer

Turn up the heat on your hosiery style this season in HUE So Sexy Hosiery styles. You will be amazed at how great your skin looks, and how versatile this hosiery works with all of your show-stopping footwear.

So Silky Sheer

We also offer a low-rise hosiery collection. Wear those low-waisted, bottom-hugging shorts with ease, knowing your waistband is tucked away securely, and your flirty curves and confidence can be revealed.